At Waterloo Mills we believe that each and every employee is in the business of Customer Service - whether they are the truck driver, the sales contact, the warehouse specialist or the President of the corporation.

The Waterloo Mills Company was formed in 1924 by Glenn C. Bown and Carl G. Orsinger. The company produced and marketed livestock feeds and dog food in chunks and meal, as well as, distributing products like flour, fertilizer, seed and chick boxes.

Waterloo Mills has been a successful distributor of others products from our earliest days to the present, over 80 years of delivering quality products and service. We have been able to adapt to major shifts in products, markets and economic conditions and have kept pace with the changing needs of our customers. We've proven time and again that we are here for our customers now and long into the future.

Waterloo Mills moved to its current LaPorte Road location in 1968. These facilities include a 36,400 sq. ft. warehouse. About 3800 sq. ft. of additional heated storage was created in 1995 to accommodate increasing volumes of canned pet foods.

  It all started back on August 4, 1924, with a little cash, some buildings, a couple of trucks and a lot of intestinal fortitude.  
There is very close, hands-on supervision of Waterloo's daily receiving, warehousing, order picking and loading operations. The warehouse personnel average nearly 20 years of service.Waterloo Mills Company has a history of above average loyalty and longevity in their workforce. As a group, the employees average over 14 years of service per employee and 5 of those employees have been with the company over 25 years. This speaks highly of the employees' commitment to their jobs and the company's commitment to the individuals who make up its workforce.

Our management group reflects our strong commitment to promotion from within and continued stability. All of the officers and managers have worked their way up through the years from entry-level jobs. Thus, they possess a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of our business and our customers.

Coverage Areas

Waterloo Mills Company covers the following areas with our own delivery fleet and personnel:

  • Iowa
  • Eastern Nebraska (Omaha, Lincoln)
  • Southern Minnesota (Minneapolis and surrounding areas)
We also ship via common carrier to:
  • North and South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Western and Northern Minnesota
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Our Vision for the Future

Waterloo Mills Company is committed to growth in sales in order to provide opportunities for our employees and continued customer service to our many loyal accounts.

Our overall strategy and emphasis for the near term include the following:

  • Increase the market penetration of all products by establishing and nurturing new dealers and customers.
  • Continue to explore new products to compliment our current offerings and provide our customers with a competitive edge in the retail market.
  • Continue to provide outstanding customer service.